Cheesy Stuffed Chicken

In an attempt to branch out, and find new and exciting ways to prepare chicken, I have attempted a stuffed chicken breast. Chicken is pretty much my favorite protein. I am not a huge meat person, but chicken is good and I enjoy eating it. I used to make chicken several nights a week before we started buying cows, and before Wonderful Husband explained to me how much chicken is NOT his favorite dish.

Now, I limit chicken to once a week or so, normally on Wednesdays. This week I was tired of doing the normal buffalo/bbq chicken that I normally make for wing night. I decided to try stuffing chicken breasts. After searching several recipes online,  I couldn’t find one that I liked or had all the ingredients for. Time to wing it!

I thawed out my chicken breasts all day, then around 4pm I started working on dinner. I cut the chicken breasts almost in half and then laid a ziploc bag over top of them and pounded on them with a hammer (most of the recipes I had seen online said to do this because it makes the chicken more tender?? They recommended a meat tenderizer but I don’t have one so I improvised)


Pretty much all this did was flatten the chicken and make weird little thin spots and holes. The chicken didn’t really taste any more tender than it normally does, maybe I did it wrong?

After the chicken was flat, I laid down a piece of colby jack cheese and then rolled the chicken up around it. I secured the whole thing with a couple of tooth picks.


I rubbed some coconut oil in the bottom of the glass pan, laid down the chicken, and then put a mix of bread crumbs and spices on top. Garlic, onion, chicken spice etc. Nothing too fancy. Then I baked it for about an hour (I am a real stickler for getting the chicken to 160 degrees). It looked pretty good when it came out.


It tasted pretty good too. If I do it again, which I probably will, I would use a sharper cheese like white cheddar or sharp cheddar or something. The colby was a little bland. Also, this was the night that Wonderful Husband got stuck at work late and by the time we got to eat the chicken it was cold. Warm from the oven and a sharper cheese it would have been much better. It was pretty easy to make, and came to together well. Lot of variation possibilities too.

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