Oh, What a night

Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned. Yesterday Little Darling had to get her shots, so she was tired and grumpy and acting like the world was ending (which in all fairness I am sure being that small and being stuck that many times is probably traumatizing). She spent most of the afternoon in bed and I had big plans of getting lots of stuff done around the house. Instead, I downloaded book 4 of The Mortal Instruments onto my Kindle.

One of my friends got me into reading The Mortal Instruments. She had been talking about how great they were for years and then she brought the movie down to my house to watch. I am pretty easy to please when it comes to movies, but this movie just blew me away. The characters were so realistic and easy to relate to, the storyline flowed effortlessly and made total sense (not like so many movies where are you see major plot holes every two minutes), and I was so excited to read the books. She had the first three and lent them to me, I read them each in a day. The books are the types of literature where you get sucked in and find yourself in their world. Totally immersed in the world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders, I would find myself throughout the day wondering what Jace and Clary were up to. I just had to get my hands on the last three books.

Needless to say, after I downloaded book 4 last night, my evening was pretty well shot. Two hours and several chapters last I forced myself to close the book, and get ready to clean the house. We have been so busy lately the housework has really been suffering. I hadn’t done any laundry in almost four days, and the dog hair was piling up in the corners from a lack of sweeping. I got my headphones and turned on some Latin music, nothing gets you moving like a good beat, and got busy tidying up the house.

I got the laundry going, cleaned the litter box, fed the dog and the cat, took out all the garbage, scrubbed the toilets, the shower, and the sinks. I cleaned up all the toys, I dusted, I vacuumed. I cleaned out the fridge, made a grocery list, and packed up some toys and put them in the attic. While washing the last of the dinner dishes I decided I should open the bottle of wine that has been sitting on my wine rack for several months. Cleaning dance party and wine? What could be better! Then when I was done I could settle back in with The Mortal Instruments and have a relaxing evening.

Long story short…


Boy, I am so glad I cleaned the kitchen before I opened the wine- NOT. I am really not sure what happened, I have never had wine do this before (and I drink A LOT of wine). I have an automatic cork screw, its this big fancy contraption (not pictured because by this point I had thrown it across the kitchen) you just push it onto the bottle and then lift the handle and it pulls the cork out. But, instead of that happening this time, the corkscrew pushed the cork further into the bottle. After a few tries and it becoming obvious that the auto screw wasn’t going to work I got out the manual one… Well, you can see how that worked out. My cork is floating in my bottle and the wine is everywhere except in my glass.

After all that, I took  sip and realized that it’s a Merlot, and I hate Merlot. So it was all for nothing anyway.

I cleaned up the counter, made myself a cup of hot tea and went back to the couch and my wonderful book. I finished the whole thing in 5 hours total. I was up until 2:45am, but it was so worth it! Now, today we start book 5!

One thought on “Oh, What a night

  1. And this is why I can no longer read. My last fiction was divergent and I read all of them in a week including having thanksgiving traveling and taking care of 5 month old twins. I did not function. Can’t read unless I know I have a block of time so… um… 5 years from now?


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