Homemade Butter

Give me a log house and call me Laura Ingles, I made homemade butter!

I am being serious. Right now, in my fridge, there is a container of butter that I made with my own two hands. Ok, well I made it with a mason jar, but I used my hands to shake it. So that count’s for something I am sure.

This one is super duper easy and the results are epic. Imagine hosting a family get together and coming out with your fresh,  homemade butter with a big crusty loaf of bread. People would die, and you would forever be the favorite. I am promising you fame and fortune here people, for a mere 10 minutes of your day.

The concept is incredibly easy, I really should have taken pictures, but I was so excited I completely forgot.

How to make homemade butter:

  • Pour heavy whipping cream into a mason jar
  • Put the lid on the jar
  • Shake the shit out of the jar until butter forms
  • Pour off the buttermilk
  • Put the butter in a bowl
  • Run the butter under cold water and smoosh it around with a spoon to get all the extra buttermilk out
  • Store in the fridge or freezer

It is the same concept as making the homemade whipped cream, except you don’t have to add any sugar or vanilla. I put about a cup of heavy whipping cream into the mason jar and twisted on the lid. After about five minutes of shaking you can hear the liquid stop swishing back and forth, that is when you have whipped cream. Just keep shaking and within another minute or so you will start to hear liquid again. This is the buttermilk separating from the butter. Shake it for another few minutes and you will have a decent amount of buttermilk and a nice ball of butter. I poured the buttermilk into a little container and stuck it in the freezer to bake with later. Then I put the butter in a tupperware container. The washing part is a little weird because you feel awkward putting your butter in water but it is pretty easy. Just put the container of butter under a running tap of cold water and squash it around with a spoon. There are little pockets of buttermilk stuck in there that you have to get out of the butter will go bad faster. Once you feel confident that you have gotten enough buttermilk out you can store it in the fridge for immediate use or freeze it for future use. It does go bad much faster than store bought butter, it only has about a week shelf life, so its probably best made in small batches or frozen into small batches so you can take out as much as you need at one time.

This was a super awesome activity and would be great for kids to get in on too. They can watch the transformation of the cream into butter and feel good about eating something they made themselves! I can’t say that I will completely stop buying store bought butter, but I will definitely cut back and start making more of my own. Next I want to experiment with adding herbs or berries or other flavors so I can make some Christmas gifts. It will go fabulously with my homemade jelly!

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