Fresh Bruschetta

This weekend we headed up to Wonderful Husband’s home town to visit everybody. Saturday evening we got to go to the fair and see the semi pulls (tractor trailers pulling instead of regular trucks or tractors, very cool) and drag races. We hit up a local bar and had a few drinks and crawled into bed way too late for our age. My MIL had asked to take Little Darling to church in the morning so I figured I was safe to enjoy some incredibly rare sleeping in.

My body thought differently, I was wide awake at 7am. I waited and waited to hear Little Darling wake up, she is always up by 7:30am at home so I figured Mimi’s house wouldn’t be any different. When I hadn’t heard anything by 7:40, I wondered if maybe they were already downstairs. I tiptoed down and took a look around. Nothing. I tried to go back to bed but tossed and turned wanting to see my LD before she headed off to church. At 8:30, I finally got brave and opened to the door to her bedroom. She had been asleep but rolled sleepily into the sitting position when she heard me come in. I hadn’t realized how much I missed her until I saw her. I had only been away from her for a few hours the night before but somehow it felt like it had been days. I happily got her up and got her diaper changed and took her downstairs for some breakfast. By this time, Mimi was awake and offered to take her off my hands so I could go back to sleep. I handed her off and kissed her, knowing she would be at church when I crawled out of bed in a few hours. I finally padded back upstairs and fell back asleep for a few hours, a delicious nap that was much needed and well deserved.

I finally got up at about 10:45 and nudged Wonderful Husband to make sure he was getting up with me. We wandered downstairs for some coffee and were shocked to find Mimi and Pappy in the kitchen with Little Darling. Weren’t you supposed to be in church? We all agreed that since it had been a late night and Little Darling was so fun, it would be worth missing one service to spend some family time. We had breakfast and coffee and had a really nice conversation. At noon, we decide we would head out to “The Cliffs”. I had never been there, but WH promised me I wouldn’t be disappointed. The in-laws asked to take LD for a walk while we were gone, so we grabbed one of our friends and the dogs and headed out for the day.

Words can’t even describe how beautiful this place is..




I could tell you where it was so everyone could go and enjoy this beautiful site, but honestly I have no idea how we got there. Lots of twists and turns and back roads. Then we parked and walked a quarter mile to a tiny, steep path on the side of a hill and we tripped our way down it to another path through the woods, another 5 minutes of walking and we came out onto the rocks overlooking this gorgeous sight. The dogs ran and played, we spread towels out on the rocks and enjoyed a picnic lunch. I was really sad we hadn’t brought Little Darling, she would have loved sitting and splashing in the water.

After a long few hours of playing in the water, jumping off rocks into the swimming hole, and wrangling wet dogs back to the vehicle, we headed home. When we got there. My FIL had made bruschetta with fresh garden tomatoes.

Holy shit.

I don’t even like tomatoes and I ate as much of it as I could shove into my mouth.

They gave me some tomatoes before we left and I resolved to make my own bruschetta as soon as possible. I looked through lots of recipes and they all seemed really similar. I finally ended up just tossing everything in a bowl and hoping for the best, it was delicious!! I used:

  • 1 tomato
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • basil balsamic dipping oil
  • red wine vinegar
  • onion onion mix (from Pampered Chef)
  • saltine crackers

All I did was dice up the tomatoes, and then mix in the other ingredients. It was amazing. I wish I had had a big loaf of crusty bread I could have toasted up with some homemade butter and then topped with the bruschetta. Mmmmm! This will definitely be repeated multiple times in my future, now that I know how delicious it is. Even I, the tomato hater, is in love with bruschetta. I suggest everyone give it a try!

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