Giving up the Bottle

I know what you are thinking-

About time you gave up drinking! Crazy drunk, you aren’t 21 anymore. Time to grow up.

Well jokes on you, because number one: This post is about Little Darling getting rid of her bottle and number two: I am never gonna stop drinking.

Don’t judge me.

Let’s stick to the topic.

Little Darling had her one year check up at the doctor on January 4th. She is happy, healthy, ridiculously tall for her age, and incredibly thin.

Among all the questions that were hurled at me during the appointment: Is she walking? Talking? Potty trained? Sleeping in a crib? playing with other kids? Eating on her own? Still taking a bottle?

Oh damn.

Yes. Yes she is still taking a bottle. In fact, she takes two bottles, sometimes three, a day. Why? Because I don’t like to hear my kid cry and milk in a sippy cup brings on a tantrum that rivals something you would see in a horror film.

Funny, the pediatrician didn’t seem to care.

Little Darling left with 4 puncture wounds from her annual shots, I left with a wounded pride and strict instructions to ditch the bottle, even if she cried.

So much easier said than done.

This is how most of day one was spent


She was having a rough time.

But you see, this wasn’t the first time we gave up the bottle. When she was about 6 months old, we first introduced the sippy cup. And she loved it. She carried it around and drank anything we put in it. I stopped carrying a bottle in the diaper bag,  she would take a sippy of milk before bed. Life was good.

Then we went on a play date with a friend of hers who was only about 4 months old at the time. She took one look at his bottle and demanded she have one too. It took about an hour of her screaming and throwing a fit before I even realized what she wanted. After that, It was all bottle all the time. If I gave her a sippy of juice or water, she would drink it. That was fine. But hand her a sippy of milk and the world ended. I would eventually cave in and give her a bottle.

This time I was serious though. I washed the bottles and put them in the cupboard, determined that the next time they came out it would be to go into the recycling bin.

Today is day 5 that she hasn’t had any milk.

I try. At every meal she gets a sippy of milk. She is offered a sippy of milk a couple hours before bed. She snubs it every single time.

Her pediatrician says this is ok, she will get it eventually, until then just keep supplementing with cheese and yogurt.

Ya ok Doc.

My child may never drink milk again.

Fine by me, that crap is expensive.

I wish I had some fun tips or tricks to kicking the bottle habit. Unfortunately, I have no advice at all. My kid wants milk in a bottle and nothing else.

Although, in perspective, if the worst thing she does is eat more cheese and drink less milk, I think our problems are pretty small.

She no longer asks for the bottle, she knows by now she isn’t getting it. But a milk sippy is regarded as poison and left sitting sad and alone in the corner while her flavored water is lovingly guzzled from her hot pink sippy cup.

Fine. Have it your way. Here is a piece of cheese.


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