Important Post

Haha, I bet I gotcha with that title.

There isn’t a single thing in this post that is important.

In fact, the only reason I am posting at all is because I was in the shower this evening and it struck me that I haven’t even turned my lap top on in the past several days and I couldn’t remember the last time I posted.

Turns out, I was posting about being happy and telling people about it. And then I went right on with my life, being happy, and telling no one about it.

Hypocrite. Right here.

So here is my life in the past few weeks in between writing my last post and when it got posted:

  • Wonderful Husband and FIL busted ass on our remodel and now the new master bedroom is well on its way to being painted! Now I just have to pick a paint.. latte, double latte, latte express, mocha latte, coffee latte, latte chip, mocha chip, coffee chip, chocolate chip…God help me. They all look identical and I am SURE that no one will ever step foot into my bedroom and say “ah, she definitely should have gone with the mocha chip” but I continue to pour over these small details as though my life depends on it.
  • Little Darling is still refusing to drink any milk out of a sippy cup, but on a happy note, she guzzles V8 Green Goodness juice without complaint and even asks for seconds, so bring on the cheese cubes and greek yogurt and let the child drink her veggies instead.
  • I have successfully kept off 4 of the 8lbs I lost during my new years cleanse and have been continuing with eating pretty healthy besides a cheat meal here and there when I have a moment of weakness.
  • My dads girlfriends mother, unfortunately, passed away not long after the new year and they had a rough time with funeral planning and carrying out her last wishes, it did, however, afford me an opportunity to take Little Darling to visit them and help make them feel better when they were feeling down.
  • Little Darling spent a weekend with the In Laws and Wonderful Husband and I got two nights out! Hells yes.
  • I ran an ethernet cable for our xbox upstairs. Our Wifi is really spotty on the second floor so we decided to hard wire the xbox to watch movies on Hulu. Wonderful Husband told me to drop the cable down the vent into the living room and run it along the wall to the router. I tried it about 7000 times with no success. I mean, I was armpit deep in the living room vent and unable to find this 200 ft cable I had so carefully jammed down the bedroom hole. Wonderful Husband told me to tie some weight to the cable and try again. For future reference: when a husband tells you to “use some weight” he, does not, in fact, mean to tie an ink pen to the cable and drop it down the vent. This is not considered heavy, and when you try several more times, unsuccessfully, and then rant to Wonderful Husband that it isn’t working. He will doubt your intelligence when you admit that your “weight” was an ink pen. Learn from my mistakes, use a screwdriver to start with.
  • I finally got to go visit my Best Friends new house! She moved months ago and the holidays and weather and sick children kept us in a constant scheduling conflict, but I was finally able to make it down to see her adorable little trailer out in the country with her fluffy chickens and brand new puppy! We had a great visit and the kids truly enjoyed getting to play together.

Life has truly been good and enjoyable. I have no complaints. I don’t really have any new recipes to report, we are eating a lot of the prepped foods I froze over the summer that I can easily throw in the crock pot or oven. I don’t really have any new life tips or tricks to give other than don’t spend any extra money, and think every purchase over carefully before making it. I haven’t been to the grocery store since December, and while I am going to have to go this week to get fresh fruits and veggies, that is about the only thing we need. I am doing very well with my resolutions of eating healthier, being more frugal, and spending more time with my family. How has your 2016 been?

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